Body Harmony is a hands-on modality which covers a very wide range of natural bodywork techniques. It is an alternative therapy which integrates & incorporates the different levels & layers (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) necessary to address the core aspect of your personal issue.

Body Harmony explores & validates all the avenues to respond to its best to your intention, & seeks empowerment by offering a space where you have the choice. Nothing is ever excluded.

The way you move, the way you think, shows how you have embodied your life, & shapes the way you perceive your environment.

Restriction & compression of tissues imply that emotions are locked into your physical structure. An emotion is an energy and as such follows the quantum theory of wave equals matter. Ill-health takes place when the emotion has reached a level of density that suffocates the area of the body where it is hosted. The doorway to healing is expansion and maximisation of your physicality beyond all expectations.

Body Harmony is a very gentle, non-invasive modality which respect the uniqueness of your structure, yet extremely powerful as it impacts directly on the cellular level.

The benefits

Deep sense of relaxation & calm

Relief from stress & chronic pain

Enhanced mobility & motility

Release from emotionl issues

Resolution & clarification of relationship issues

Strengthened confidence & self-esteem

Deepened awareness